Hebron Strategy

Hebron Construction’s overall strategy will rely on a continuous improvement including the process of setting innovative objectives, measuring result and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress. Included in the schemes are detailed monthly, quarterly and annual plans and reporting as well as risk and mitigation management plans for unforeseen circumstances such as price escalation.

Hebron Construction shall adopt a corporate strategy that is dedicated to improving the performance of activities on the critical path of its clients’ projects. The company does this by building on its core strengths, innovative equipment, construction engineering expertise as well as project and site management with an environment of safety excellence.
From the clients’ point of view, this strategy translates into benefits such as project cost reduction, quality construction practices, reduction of set-up time for stake holders, increased site safety and review of plans and schedule. In a nutshell, Hebron Construction will manage any of its clients’ construction projects in complete, thoughtful efficient and cost-effective way.
Hebron Construction strives to maintain technological leadership through the integrated use of the most up-to-date construction equipment, tools, well organized management system, qualified manpower and healthy financial positions. Besides the ongoing efforts of building comprehensive capabilities and combining professional and technical resources required to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that fulfill its clients’ needs, Hebron Construction capabilities are instrumental to meeting the aggressive implementation schedules of all projects.

What Is Included

The pillars that make Hebron Construction among the first choice in the infrastructure development sector include technology, quest for quality, partnership and efficient logistics system in place.


Hebron Construction focuses on innovative idea in both design and construction will result in outputs that look and work better than its competitors and is therefore, more likely to be preferred.


The construction industry is filled with crudely designed and implemented works. However, zero defects are the cornerstone of HEBRON CONSTRUCTION quality commitment.


Hebron Construction key fulfillment will also be provided by management’s dedication to an efficient logistics and supply chain system in place. This will be achieved through the solid network of partners, cutting edge professionals who are all dedicated to helping realize the company’s objectives.

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